Ben Stokes Tactical Training

Have you seen Ben Stokes in Tactical Training, the video he made with Red Bull? 

In March 2019, Ben Stokes was in a vast dissolute and disused Sunderland ship yard filming a new video for Red Bull. Called Tactical Training, the film is part of Red Bull’s Project Pro campaign. Project Pro takes puts us inside the world of elite athletes. A world where the best submit body and soul to the daily intense grind of training for sporting excellence.

Tactical Training has Ben completing, batting, bowling and fielding tests at full tilt. Its theme is the single-minded drive to bat, bowl, field and repeat that the world’s best cricketers must now possess.

Fast forward to May and Tactical Training has now been viewed by many thousands. It’s release coinciding with the lead up to the ICC Men’s World Cup and the Ashes series.

In recent days, the film has attracted even more views because of Ben’s memorable Man of the Match performance in England’s 104 run win over South Africa. In particular, who can forget that catch?

Ben is an ambassador for Red Bull and he has a long-standing working relationship with the company.

Factual Trivia, Phoenix Management Group’s Michael Lumb is the thrower in the scenes where Ben catches the ball.

(Photo by Greg Coleman/Red Bull Content Pool)

If you’ve not seen Ben in Tactical Training, why not watch it now?