Eat Curry and Save Lives.

Eat curry and save lives. It can be done!

Between 22-31 May is the “Big Curry Night In.”  So, let’s share a lockdown family curry while saving the lives of those living in South Asia.

Phoenix family members are already preparing to cook along with Isa Guha on Thursday evening for our own big curry night.

Isa will be live on Instagram, preparing a curry and we will be following along.

Like countless others we’ll then sit down to a lovely curry while helping others,

Organised by the British Asian Trust, the Big Curry Night In will raise money for the benefit of families experiencing hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic in South Asia. Isa, who is an Ambassador for the British Asian Trust, has been busy promoting this crucial fund-raiser on social media.

You can donate either before or while enjoying your curry on the Big Curry Night In website,

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