Mason’s Hampshire Win

Last week Ben Stokes “drove” for Aston Martin Red Bull in the Virtual Vietnam GP. This week, it’s the turn of Mason Crane to take control of his Hampshire team in The Cricketer Quarantine Cup. And, in his first group match Mason’s Hampshire won a little cosily over Ricardo Vasconcelos’ Northants.

While lacking playing experience on the Cricket 19 platform, The Cricketer says Mason, “a seasoned gamer,” is a “contender for the title.”

Last evening’s game saw Ricardo’s Northants bat first in this five over per side competition.

Ricardo fell foul of the “five out all out” rule. His Northants team closing their account on 34-5 after 4.2 overs. Mason’s virtual self claiming both Alex Wakeley and Rob Keogh in his over.

Mason controlled Hampshire’s innings from the outset, taking them to a winning 35-3 in 4 overs.

With COVID-19 stopping play, The Quarantine Cup offers cricket fans a chance to suspend reality and enter a simulated cricketing world of permanent blue sky and no threat of virtual rain.

Play starts in The Quarantine Cup matches at 7.00 pm (BST) on weekday evenings on The Cricketer YouTube channel. At weekends, play is called at 2.00 pm and 7.00 pm (BST).

(Photo of the Virtual Mason Crane Northants vs. Hants 13 April 2020 – with Permission from The Cricketer)