Sarah Taylor’s Interview

An interview with Sarah Taylor is the cover story in the current issue of Women’s Criczone.

Talking to Raf Nicholson, Sarah discusses the development of womens cricket. And, importantly, the challenges that anxiety brings into Sarah’s life.

After, the sudden announcement that Sarah was retiring from international cricket, the interview explains why she made this decision.

Clearly, Sarah’s reasons for stepping off the touring merry-go-round and moving on from the pressures of international cricket are bound to her having to live with anxiety.

Nicholson’s interview takes us inside the mind of a world-class professional cricketer. A cricketer who happens to carry anxiety around as an unwelcome companion.

Spare the time and have a read of Sarah’s interview. It will be time well spent.

Sarah Taylor Latest PMG News (PhoenixMedia Image Created from a Photo by Paul Harding/Getty Images).